Where has the time gone?  These last few months have been nothing short of exciting, hectic, and all out crazy.  We bought a house.  Replaced the furnace and a/c.  Oh yeah, and last week, we bought a dog.  Adele Kelly is an awesome Aussie.  She’s a blue merle with a blue eye and brown eye with a big blue spot.  Adele always looks like she’s squinting.

Our house is out in the country.  There’s a horse pasture right behind us.  No, they don’t even stink!  We have an acre, more than enough room for a kiddie and a puppy to run free and wild.

As far as knitting goes, much has been accomplished.  I’m not sure if I should post all the pictures.  Hats, lots and lots of hats.  A scarf, a cardigan started.  Yarn is overflowing in abundance here.  Birthday money rocks, I bought some Knitpicks donegal tweed for a cardigan and some gorgeous madelinetosh sock yarn from Eat.Sleep.Knit.  I have no idea what I’m going to make with it.  It’s screaming to be a shawl.  And beaded.

Still need to finish Starsky Jr. for G, but to be honest, I’ve lost interest.  There is just so many patterns out there, so much lovely yarn in my possession, I’m feeling a bit of knitting ADD.

As for music, Adele (duh!), The Black Keys, Matt White, The Afters.  Musically, I’ve been in a very strange mood.  I’m trying hard to steer clear of mainstream music.  It’s just so old and tired.  But I’m also too lazy to try and find anything new.  Too much has been going on!  For example, I had all last week off.  I was sick and taking care of a new puppy and a six year old.  Hubanero works overnights, so I had to do it all.  By myself.  Did I mention I was sick?  Oh, and that I’m still sick?  Ah well.  Such is life!