Yep, Aphrodite is finally finished.  The edging chart nearly killed me.  35 rows, 521 stitches, and a stretchy bind off.  Seriously thought I was going to lose it.  It was never ending.  Other than that, the pattern is awesome.  The beads don’t photograph well, but they make an already lovely pattern, just frickin gorgeous.  Trust me, the beads are a must.  The yarn is Knitpicks Gloss Sock yarn in burgundy.  I have a thing for burgundy.  No, I would never make this again.  Simply because I never want to do that bind off again.  But the pattern was wonderfully written and very easy to follow.  I would knit another pattern by Sivia Harding.  Her patterns are so chic!  Now I’m working on Olearia for G-funk.  I am making a size 7 in that hopes that it will still fit next fall.  That’s asking a lot, I know, but I’m a dreamer.  Someday my child will stop growing a foot per year.  Someday.  Acrylic, I don’t like using hand wash only yarn for her.  Children are messy and rough.  If she were to stain/destroy something I made for her in Malabrigo, I would have a complete meltdown.  It’s easier on both of us to just go with acrylic.

That’s all I have for knitting news.  I recently finished watching both seasons of Pushing Daisies.  That show was funny and interesting, it’s a shame it was cancelled.  But networks always seem to cancel good shows and keep the crap ones.  Hubs and I watched Paranormal Activity and I really don’t understand what all the fuss was about.  Spooky and creepy: Yes.  Great movie: No.  It was simply ok.  Blair Witch Project was a lot better, in my opinion.  But it’s also been quite a few years since I’ve seen that movie.

Other than that, I’ve been listening to Band Of Horses, Roisin Murphy, Keane, and Carla Bruni.