VICTORY IS MINE!!!  For some reason, I haven’t been able to log into wordpress for months! Finally got things sussed out today.  This shall be a short, pictureless post.  Since my last one, I have finished all baby blankets, a vest, and cast on two shawls.  One is the Woodland Shawl, and the other is Aphrodite.  Hubanero got me a nook for Mother’s Day, which is honestly the best present I have ever received.  I have been reading up a storm.  Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is a fantastic book.  Also, I’ve read the entire Percy Jackson series.  Seems I can’t get enough of the written word.  Oh, and Velocity by Dean Koontz.  That book was awesome.  And funny.  Well, I’ll leave off here.  I’m just so surprised and excited that I finally logged in, I’ve forgotten everything I wanted to say!  Later this week I can hopefully get around to a better post.

OH.  Something nasty that happened to me today.  Some guy drove past me and shouted, “Go back to Mexico!”  Ok, jackass, I’m not hispanic.  I’m asian.  The sad part is that most people mistake me for hispanic, and trust me, most aren’t very nice about it.  You would think after 27 years I would be used to it.  But these things cut right through me.  I definitely need to purchase a thicker skin.