January 2010

I lurves my guitar.  I call her Ruby.  This weekend was spent knitting, watching football (Go Vikes!) and playing my Ruby.  My Knitpicks order arrived!  The yarn is lovely.  The Gloss fingering weight is exactly what I wanted.  Although I’m now torn between Bitterroot and Haruni.  They are both such beautiful shawls, it’s going to be a hard choice.  Then there’s Mrs. Darcy.  When I made the decision to make this cardigan, I hadn’t looked closely at the pattern.  It only comes in one size.  Small.  No way, on God’s green earth, am I a small.  Now, there are people that have posted tips on how to make it larger, but I’m still worried about getting a good fit.  This will take some time to think over.

We took G skating today.  She had a blast.  She fell down a lot, but got back up and kept trying everytime.  I honestly can’t think of the last time I was so proud.  I know how much it hurt when she fell, and I know how scared she was so falling.  But that girl never gave up.  G-funk wants to go out again this weekend.  She’s determined to get better.  Yay for my little turkey! 

Oh, how I love Matthew Santos.  His voice is just beyond amazing.  The same goes for James Morrison and Ray LaMontagne.  G has been forcing me to play Owl City as often as humanly possible.  Mayaeni has a new song out on her site, it’s awesome.  Oh, and I’ve been jamming to some new Lavender Diamond, but Oh No will always be my favorite song of theirs.


Shoot me, please, just shoot me.  Had the wisdom teeth removed and I am in PAIN.  They gave me oxycodone, but pain pills have the reverse effect on me.  They helped with the pain somewhat, but kept me wide awake and unable to sleep.  Besides, they only helped with the pain for the first two hours, and I would spend the next four staring at the clock until I could take the next dose.  I’ve given up.  The left side of my face is pretty swollen, but the right is for the most part unnoticeable.  The husband has been taking fairly good care of me. 

My Mr. Darcy yarn has arrived.

A very beautiful brown.  It’ll look lovely on the husband.  The Doleman sweater is progressing at a very slow, and leisurely pace.  I have cast on the front and am almost finished with the six inches of 2×2 ribbing.  Also, I was naughty and placed a Knitpicks order.  Yarn for the Mrs. Darcy cardigan, also for the Bitterroot shawl, and then some little doodads.  The yarn I chose for Mrs. Darcy is a wool and silk blend, in a very beautiful, rich blue.  For the shawl, I was looking at the Gloss sock yarn and found a wonderful wine color.  I love wines.  As soon as I saw it, I thought of Bitterroot.  I won’t be buying any more yarn for a looong time.  I’ve never really felt the need to have a yarn stash.  Personally, yarn that just sits around with no purpose tends to shoot dirty looks at the owner.  Resentful, dirty, hateful looks.  It makes me feel guilty, like the yarn is just wasting away it’s destiny.  I don’t know, it’s the guilt talking!  Besides, I’ve picked out enough projects to keep me going for quite some time.

There’s some good music playing right now.  Kate Earl, Toby Lightman, Caitlin Crosby, Lavender Diamond and Ingrid Michaelson.  Gotta love the ladies!