December 2009

Well, I survived the holidays.  G’s cardigan and my cowl were finished.  The baby shower was amazing, and I managed to finish it all one day before Christmas.  That’s including all the handmade presents we made for daycare and Chris’  little cousins.  Awful, but they all turned out good.  I am now watching the Vikings get their asses handed to them.  Painful.

There really isn’t anything worth blogging about right now.  We lucky Minnesotans recieved a snow storm for the holidays.  It was awesome.  Now everything is icy, making driving scary.  There is more snow in the forecast, in case you’re wondering.

Well, I did finally read Pride & Prejudice, and have now started Jane Eyre.  After that, I’m tackling Wuthering Heights.  Is it sad that at 27 I’ve never read them?  Don’t answer that.  I’m thinking I should round it all out with Pride & Prejudice & and Zombies.  What do you think?  The gift card my MIL gave me for Christmas has been used to buy some yarn.  I plan on making Chris Mr. Darcy, from Knitty.  And then maybe Mrs. Darcy for myself.  It’s a cardigan, and I think it’s lovely.

Oh!  I have picture of the cowl.

Malabrigo Chunky in Little Lovely.  It makes me feel like peppermint, and trust me that’s a good thing.

Well, I’ll leave off here with what I’m listening to.  Lady GaGa, Owl City, Dr. Dog, The Fratellis, Nikka Costa and Adele.  Oh, and Better Than Ezra.  I really, really, really love Better Than Ezra.


Yep, I disappeared for a while.  G’s cowl is finished, but she won’t let me take a picture.  She’s so in love, she’s become possessive.  <–That word doesn’t look right, but spell check says it is.  Ok, if you say so.  The Doleman sweater has stalled a bit.  I’m still working on the back/sleeves.  Who knows if it’ll ever get finished.  Two of my coworkers have asked me to knit them hats for their kids, and I obliged.  One is finished, and I’ve started the second.  And because I’m crazy, I’ve decided to make G a vest.  Neither the sweater nor the vest will be finished for Christmas as I’d hoped, but maybe I’ll get lucky and finish one.  Preferably my sweater.  Cuz I’m selfish.

My next project (assuming I ever finish these) is the EDI Cowl. I’m really thinking Teal Feather, or Little Lovely in Mal Chunky. There doesn’t seem to be a yarn store in my area that carries Mal Chunky, but I’ll keep hunting. The more I look at the pattern, the more I know I only want to knit it in Malabrigo. Oh well, wish me luck!

There’s nothing else new or exciting in my life. The weather here in MN is cold, cold and oh yeah, slightly snowy. I hate winter. But at least it’s not -40 which honestly should never be allowed. Hopefully, for Lil’G, we have a white Christmas. I’m ok without having a white Christmas, but it would make her so “hassy”.

There’s nothing new playing on the ipod. It’s same ol’ same ol’. If you haven’t heard Hesitation by Mayaeni, I suggest you give it a listen. I think she’s amazing. There’s also a little Rock Kills Kid, The Hippos, Coconut Records aaaaand, Incubus. Oh, and Gregory Alan Isakov. I can’t seem to get enough of him. The Stable Song is amazing, if you like folksy music, I highly recommend him.

Sure, it’s a WIP shot, but my post felt naked without a picture.  Just…naked.  Team Intentions!