September 2009

Well, G-funk had her first day of kindegarten yesterday. We went with her for the first 20 minutes. After, we picked her up at her bus stop. With cupcakes in hand. She had a blast! Made a new friend on her very first day. It’s strange. I honestly thought I would be bawling my eyes out over my “baby” going to school. But, in reality, I was proud. Blissful. It’s amazing (and a little painful) watching her grow, gain confidence and independence. Her excitement became mine, and I couldn’t be sad knowing how happy starting school made her. Letting go wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It’s a comfort, really, knowing that mine and my husband’s presence there put her at ease. Allowing her, our normally painfully shy child, to laugh and giggle and talk to her new classmates. Yesterday was a win, and I don’t expect letting go to always be this easy, but I’m looking forward to it. Being able to watch her become the beautiful young lady I know she’ll be is an honor that I’ll always be grateful for….

“Honey, how was your first day of school?”



Not much has been happening in my world. I’ve been knitting on my iphone mitts and Aphrodite. Listening to music, and hacking up a lung. Yes, I’m sick again. I finally went to the Dr. today who didn’t tell me much of anything. Basically, it’s my sinuses and allergies. He gave me antibiotics and Nasanex. Yippeeeee. Seriously, it’s the hormonal weather we’ve been having that’s causing my problems. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.

G-funk starts kindegarten on Wednesday. It’s exciting and depressing all at once. My baby is growing up and all I can do is accept it. Being a parent is hard. G is so excited, it’s all she can talk about. She’s ready to wear her new clothes and use her new crayons and markers. Yes, she’s easy to make happy.

Packing up to move isn’t fun. Chris keeps packing up my crap that I need. Like my DVDs. Hello, husband? We don’t move for another month. You realize that don’t you? There’s no reason for you to pack up my Firefly and Dead Like Me dvds just yet. Put the boxes and the tape down, ok? Ok, thanks. He is easily excitable.

Vegancraftastic rocks my needles.