July 2009

This has been a long week. I have a cold and swimmers ear. Nasty, I know. But I got some baking in:


The recipe is Blueberry Boy Bait. I love this recipe. I love it so very much, it will be made as often as there is fresh blueberries. My hubanero and lil’monster had a little death match over it. Forcing me to promise to make more this weekend. There is something so amazing, and incredible about cooking/baking for my family. It fills me with a joy and satisfaction that is indescribable. Especially when it’s something that they love and enjoy so much. Watching their reactions the first time they ate this is somethin I won’t forget for a long time. And neither will huband’s waist band.

There are things about being a mother that fill me with wonder. Like, how does she see the world? Why does she enjoy the things she does? How does she decide she likes them? Sometimes, I just watch lil’G. I watch her and I wonder. What’s going through her mind? Do I really want to know? (More often than not, the answer is a definite “No.”) I want to keep her like this always. Naive and innocent and full of wonder. I want to keep her safe from everything that will hurt her. But I know that I can’t. No one is capable of that. And even if I could, would I really want to? How would she know true joy without the pain?


Right now, I really am listening to a mix of things. Brandon Heath, Chasen, Robby Seay Band, Paolo Nutini, Shakira…..oh! And Sondre Lerche! How could I forget him?! He is simply divine.


Got my yarn today.


I will be making this pattern.


And this is pretty much how I’ve spent my day so far. (Well, since 4:00 when my yarn arrived.)


I changed it to 3 inches of 2×2 ribbing instead of 2 inches. I’m powering through the two inches of stockinette right now. Thank goodness for Deadliest Catch marathons. Perfect for knitting.

When I’m not watching DC, I am listening to Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I could listen to his voice all day, everyday.

Today marks the second day of my vacation. And oh, my, yarn god, did I need this! Saturday was filled with allergic reactions, it was just crazy.
This weekend was bad in another, yarn-related way. I discovered (to my horror) that the yarn I bought for the Owls KAL was splitty, easily broken, and did not soften after a good soak. Not. Sweater. Material. Instead, I have cast on a blanket for my peanut. Just a real basic pattern. Seed stitch border, half stockinette, half reverse stockinette.


Whatever yarn isn’t used up in this blanket will be used to make a small matching one for G’s babehs. She’s very happy with it so far. I order new yarn from Knitpicks, I chose Cadena in the Peat colorway. It’s a little upsetting, I was trying to stay away from browns and grays. Ideally, I wanted something a little funky. But, in the end, Peat is what I chose. A deep, chocolately brown. The button eyes will most likely be light wood, and I think it’ll look quite lovely when I’m done. Even if it isn’t exactly what I wanted.

This week is going to be wonderfully relaxing. I intend to spend most of my time with G, knitting, and listening to audiobooks. We went to the library. I picked myself out two books, one on Monet, and the other on Salvador Dali. Thursday we’re meeting Grampy for lunch, and then we’re going to see Ice Age. And yes, little peanut is all a-quiver with happy excitement. We’re also planning on baking some cookies. Chocolate chip and butterscotch oatmeal. This will be a very good week.

I am listening to Cage the Elephant (Hell. Yes.) The Killers, David Jordan, and Dolly Parton.

Oh, and yes, the pictures are smaller than usual. The computer and I are having a disagreement.