June 2009

Hit a wall, hit a wall, hit a wall wall wall, hit a wall, hit a wall, hit a wall wall wall. IIIIIII, I hit a wall wall wall. Yep, progress on Aphrodite has been sloooow. I’ve gotten through the first repeat after a week of working on it. Basically, for the last two weeks I’ve been working six day work weeks. I pick up G, go home, make dinner, do dishes, laundry, pick up/clean, get G ready for bed, and then I try to unwind. Oh, and Tuesdays and Thursdays lil’G has t-ball practice. So. I’ve been busy. The pattern is amazingly written and easy to follow. I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do more than about three rows at a time. Some nights I barely made it through one row. But it looks great so far, these pictures don’t do it justice.


I think this is going to take me awhile to complete. Ah well, it will definitely be worth the effort when I finally finish.

We went to the zoo today, it was a blast. Hubanero got to pick the days activity since it was Father’s Day. It rained a little off and on, but we powered through, refusing to be defeated.


I love those two so much, it hurts! But in the best way possible.

I’m listening to all kinds of things. Bat for Lashes, Cage the Elephant, Imogen Heap, Vampire Weekend and Dolly Parton.


Eh, just a quick one this time. Last Friday was Lil’G’s dance recital. So cute!


I cast on an Athropologie Inspired Capelet for G, I’m using up some Cascade 220 I have. Still haven’t settled on a pattern for my laceweight, but I will eventually. In July, the Knitscape ladies and I will be having an Owls KAL. I’m really looking for to it, and also to yarn hunting.

I am listening to Seether, dredg, and James Morrison.