May 2009

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. The little family went up to Alexandria, MN to visit huband’s grandparents. (and no, I didn’t spell husband wrong, that’s what I call him. Or hubanero, as in hot hubby.) The inlaws joined us, so it was a nice little gathering. They all went out fishing, but I stayed behind. Why? So I could sit under this tree:


With this dog:


And knit this shawl:


I only have a few rows left, I’m on row 6 of the edging chart. These pictures don’t do it justice! It’s a beautiful teal, for some reason they just kept coming out blue! I really wanted to do an extra body repeat, but I’m afraid of running out of yarn. Aw well, maybe next time. Still not sure what I want to knit next… maybe Gail. We’ll see.
The day went great, and we all had fun. Just relaxing, chatting and spending some time with each other. The neighbors gave lil’G some sparklers. That all went well until she decided, after the last one went out, to grab the sparkle part. A few tears and ice cubes later and G has learned a very important lesson. Fire hurts. I’ll include some more photos here at the end, I think I took some really good ones. Just my opinion.

I am so deeply in love with Matthew Santos, I can NOT stop listening to him. I’ve also been listening to Bat For Lashes, Oh No Oh My, Ray LaMontagne, and Thomas Cunningham.



Best Mother’s Day Ever! Me and my little family went to the Shepherd’s Harvest Wool and Fiber Festival. I met up with Becca and her friend Janelle. I forgot to take a picture! It was great to finally meet her! We walked around together awhile. I was on a mission to find teal/turquoise lace weight yarn.  No dice! Becca is a horrible enabler, “Oooh, look at this! Ooooh, feel that!”  They left and the wonderful George family showed up.  We ate lunch and then Anne and myself took off to leisurely explore the fibery goodness, while our menfolk entertained the children.  (Not easy with two high-strung five year olds!)

OH! When walking with Becca and Janelle, I found the most amazing magnets and hair clips:

Those are from JL Yarnworks.

It was amazing, walking around and talking to someone that shares my passion for fiber. Having someone who gets just as excited as I do when I find just the right shade….

Beautiful, isn’t it? This will be a Shetland Triangle. Anne found a beautiful variegated green, so we plan on a doing a little knit-a-long. And then we made it to the Yarn Garage.
I. Want. Those. Needles.

I also bought a new drop spindle while I was there. And when I came home, I did this :

Yep, I had a great day. I have been working on Ishbel. It’s going great. I’m using Malabrigo, it’s so loosely spun, it’s more of a DK weight. I love the pattern, and I love the way it’s coming out.

So, yeah. I had an amazing weekend, which I spent with amazing people, doing amazing things. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day. Ok, fine, a spinning wheel would’ve sent me through the roof, but we can’t have everything we want!

I’m really loving the new Matt Wertz song, and the new Matt Kearney song. Yes, I have a soft spot for Matts.