February 2009

Oh, autumn, how I miss you…..

I miss the crackling of leaves, their scent mingled with wood smoke.  The air crisp and clean…. The colors!  Have I mentioned the colors?


I wait all year for you, and you’re gone before I’m ready to let go…



Tomorrow we lucky Minnesotans are expected to get between 4 and 6 inches snow.  I’ve had enough of snow, and ice, and falling on my rump roast.  That horrible white stuff has just been falling, and melting, and falling again.  Go away!  After that, spring will be on its way.  Then it’s hot, humid summer.  When all those useless seasons are done, it’ll be autumn again, sweet, sweet autumn.  Not too cold, not too hot, bursting with color, and wonderful smells. 

Don’t make me wait too long.



Weeeeellll, it’s been a long February.  I was cruising right along with the sweater.  Things got a little busy, so I was unable to do much knitting.  Then my little turkey got sick and, yeah.  I was trying to sneak in as much knitting as possible, and in my haste wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing.  My 3/4 length sleeve ended up being elbow length.  Damn.  The sweater was thrown aside in disgust.   And, when I was ready to pick it back up, turns out the yarn god stole one of my dpns.  Seriously.  I can’t find that thing to save my live.  Here’s a picture, but not of my knitting.  The camera has decided to go on strike, it hasn’t given it’s demands yet, but I refuse to cooperate.


So, I picked out a sock pattern and went to town.  Again, I didn’t have as much time knit as usual, but I was giving it my best.  The pattern is Nutkin, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nutkin.  I love this pattern, it’s quick, easy to memorize, and just lovely.  I changed the cuff, I did 1 inch of 2×2 rib.  I like a snug scuff.  I’m thisclose to starting the heel, but my wrists and knuckles are killing me, so it’s time for a break.  Typing this is murder, and I can’t make a fist with my right hand.  Bummer. 

So that’s how things are for me.  Unable to knit, and maybe just a little bit bitter.  Aw well.  How do you guys deal with carpal tunnel/painful knuckles?  I was unable to knit this entire week.  One more non-knitting picture.


Uhhh, I miss autumn.  Almost all the snow here in Minnesota was gone.  It was in the thirties, birds were starting to sing.  And then the temp dropped and about 4 inches of snow came down.  Ish. 

I’m still listening to The Fratellis, Incubus, Lady Gag, Three Days Grace, Chevelle and Adele.  I think I’m missing something.  April Smith.

Dear sweet yarn god, I thought those last six inches of ribbing would never end!  It took forever to finish the body of my sweater.  I just got really busy.  Anyway, it feels like it took me all day to finish the bottom of the sweater.  But I prevailed.  Now there’s only the sleeves and collar left.  Please excuse the picture, my hubby took it and he was cranky.  I think he willed me to look all poodgy and bloated.  Just like a man.


I love the way it fits!  So, the time line is that I’ll be finished end of next week.  Needles crossed.  That’s all I have for yarny goodness.  I haven’t started any other projects, and I still can’t decide what I want to do next.  Lil’G reeaally wants me to make her a sweater, a blue one.  Soooo, I’ll have to start poking around at patterns, we’ll see.

I just discovered this great singer Toby Lightman.  Wicked awesome.  I love her song Break His Heart.  There’s also a little Adele, Incubus, and Jack’s Mannequin bumpin for the iPod.