January 2009

 I’ve had the last FOUR days off.  How awesome am I?  So, what’s a married mother to do?  Knit.  Bake.  And go bowling.  That’s exactly what I did. 

So, I was working on Amused.  I conquered all the crochet cast on’s.  Plugging along and feeling pretty good.  And then I realized I had done all my raglan increases wrong.  I’m not sure what happened, where I went wrong, I just did.  DRAT!  So, you know how it is.  Rippit, rippit, rippit.  This was Friday night.  Now it’s Monday night.  Here is my progress:


Yeah, the first picture is blurry, but I’m proud.  Separated the sleeves, I’m about a third done.  There’s still the collar, the sleeves, and finishing up the body.  Man, seeing it in print like that makes me feel like I hardly got anything done!  Hopefully, fingers tightly crossed, I’ll be done next week.  Fingers tightly crossed.  This pattern is wonderful, and fast.  Well, to me it’s fast.  This is my first adult sized sweater, so, I’m just making an assumption.

During all that knitting utopia, I baked four loaves of bread, made stew from scratch, and chased the in laws dog with one soggy, half chewed loaf.  Stupid dog, she’s lucky I didn’t catch her.  The bread was amazing, soft, warm and oh so much better than store bought. 


I warned my mother in law that the chances of me returning her bread maker were slim.  LOVE that thing.  I am truly hoping to make this a constant occurance.  Fresh baked bread has become an amazing, delicious part of my day.

The iPod is currently pumping out The Fratellis, P!nk, Jimmy Eat World and India.arie, and +44.




Yep.  I finished two berets this weekend.  Popped my headphones on, tuned out the hubanero and child, and got down to business.  The creamy one is for my brother in laws girlfriend, and the darker is for a friend.  I’m very happy to be done knitting the berets.  The pattern is great, easy and fast, but four in a row is a bit much.  Like I said earlier, it started to feel too much like work.

After that, I started Amused.  The crochet cast on really intimidated me, but ya know what?  It was no sweat.  I’ve finished the first part of the yoke.picture-153


My camera really doesn’t like the dark color.  But I love it!  Dark purple with little hints of blue, red and pink.  So darn pretty.  It’s Cascade 220 Heathers, and I think I may have to come up with new patterns to use this yarn again.   So, no problems with my sweater so far.  Keep your fingers crossed that things continue to go smoothly for me.

I’m already looking ahead for my next project.  But, I’m not really sure of what I want to do.  A sweater for Lil G?  Or maybe hubanero?  Twist collective (www.twistcollective.com) has this great hat pattern, Dietrich, that I’m drooling over a little.  I think a nice, bright teal would look amazing.  With a little ribbon and a few buttons, that’s just my style.

Soooo, what’s on my iPod today?  Jimmy Eat World.  I think it’s a cryin shame these guys aren’t bigger than they are.  The new Veronica’s, I like it, but I’m not sure if I love it.  I’ll need to listen to it a bit more.  And if you can’t tell from the title of this post, Eve6. (more…)

Well, I have done pretty much nothing since Christmas.  I agreed to make three people a beret.  I finished one, and I’ve procrastinated on the last two.  I’m almost done with the brim on one.  I bought yarn for the last one.  My friend wanted something on the tan side, the picture doesn’t show the color very well.

Spring Beret

The pattern, again, is the Spring Beret.  I can’t make a nice link, so I’ll have to post the entire thing, sorry.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spring-beret

Any ways, I also bought yarn for a sweater.  I’ma thinkin Amused. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amused

I bought some Cascade 220 Heathers.  It is so soft and smooshy!  I’m itching to start work, but I have to finish the hats first.  I’ve been putting them off because they feel like work right now, and not much fun.  That’s just the type of person I am.  If I don’t enjoy what I’m doing, I refuse.  Once again, the picture doesn’t show the color very well.  It’s a gorgeous purple, heathered, simply dahling.

  Future Sweater!


I’m just going to hunker down and pound out those dern hats.   Maybe part of it is the fact that I’m a little intimidated by the sweater.  I’ve never knit an adult sized garment.  I’ve made baby/child, but not adult.  New Year for a new me, right?

Want to see what I got for Christmas?  I named her Ruby. picture-146


That’s a humidifier in the strings, if you’re wondering.  Best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.

Sooo, what am I listening to.  I just found this new singer, Miranda Lee Richards.  Very mellow, just incredible.  Check out her song Life Boat.  I’ve also got a little Company of Thieves, Dr. Dog, and Raconteurs playin.