December 2008

Hell.  Yes.I started and finished this hat yesterday.  It’s the Spring Beret by Natalie Larson.  I can’t figure out how to add a link, sorry.  I’ll work on that. 

Anyyarn.  I used Malabrigo in the natural colorway.  Size 8 and size 9 needles.  I love this hat, I love the slouch, the softness of the yarn, and the color.  The only modification I made was a 2×2 rib instead of a 1×1.  I like the heft, and it’s more enjoyable to knit a double rib.  AH!  I love this hat.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. After the required family get together,  I will be imbibing in some wine, and watching bad TV with my hubanero.

I’m being serenaded by The Academy Is, Johnny Flynn, and Charlotte Martin.

I love this!


See?  I've got some talentPoof and wash cloth finished, along with five dozen kiss cookies.  I know, I was productive.  I got all those and my cardi done today.  Well, between yesterday and today.  Pausing to read and watch a little TV.  Tomorrow I’m going to be making molasses cookies, possibly caramel puff corn, and a sweet potato casserole.  I won’t bake that until Wednesday, though.  I’m just getting all the prep work done tomorrow.  I’m going to my parents Christmas eve, and I’m in charge of dinner.  Ham, casserole, potatoes and stuffing.  They’re buying the pie.  My stepmom doesn’t like cooking big meals, and I love being in the kitchen so it works.

I’m not listening to anything new.  The Hippos, Ferraby Lionheart, Lavender Diamond.  I’ve always got Adele and April Smith playing.  Those two are amazing.

cardi finished!

puffity puffBath puff finished!  It’s taken me forever to finish it, I just hate crocheting.  I don’t know why.  I learned when I was 10, so I’ve been doing it for sixteen years now, but my feelings have always been the same.  I just can’t stand it.  I’m supposed to be making a second one, but the thought of it makes me cranky.  Instead I’m going to make a flower washcloth.  I’ve got two petals done already and I’ve started the third.  After that, I’ll bang out my cardi.  Hopefully I’ll be able to start my sweater after Christmas.  Little G wants me to make a sweater for her teddy bear, so I think I might work on both at the same time.  I like having multiple projects going.  If I get bored with one, I’ll work on the other.

Did you know the two Targets in my area do not sell molasses or unwrapped Hershey Kisses?  How aggravating.  I want to make peanut butter kiss cookies and molasses cookies.  Rainbow is pricier and I don’t want to shop there unless I have to, and apparently, I have to.

I’m listening to The Hippos, Coconut Records, April Smith, Adele, and Cobra Starship.  I discovered my lil G, who’s four, really likes Disturbed.  Maybe because I used to play her Metallica when I was pregnanttiny petals….

Macy's Christmas DisplayDang nebit!  I can’t find my camera right now, so I can’t post any new pics.  Soooorry, have to use an old one.

I’m still working on the cardi.  I only have the sleeves left, and honestly, I could have finished them days ago.  I’m just plum out of yarn steam.  As long as I finish the bath poofs and the cardi by Christmas, I really don’t care.  I want to make myself a slouchy hat, but I’ve yet to find the perfect pattern.  I’m very picky and very cheap.  I don’t like spending more than I have to.  I always laugh when someone makes a comment about knitting being a cheap hobby.  Suuuuure it’s cheap.  When you own all the needles.  And you have an unbelievable yarn stash.  I posess neither.

I found a great website,  She has some truly inspiring little deserts on her page.  Tiny, beautiful cupcakes on lollipop sticks.  Totally rad.

I’m totally lovin Jack’s Mannequin.  Still completely enamored with Better Than Ezra, Closer is hands down their best album.



Hello all!  I’m Reed, and I like to blog.  I have four, I can’t decide what I like better.  There’s on on blogger, vox, and myspace.  And now here on wordpress.  I mainly talk about my knitting.  Right now I’m working on the Anthropologie Inspired Cardi, I’m using malabrigo in the natural colorway.  When I’m done, I think I might make Amused, which can be found at  I’m also crocheting some bath puffs, but I’m completely lost the motivation to finish them.  Just thinking about picking up my hook makes my eyes cross and I start to drool…..

Anywhatever, I’m rereading my Kinsey Milhone books.  I’ll read pretty much anything but romance.  UGH!  I hate romance novels.  I have a lot of free time right now, my hours at work have been greatly reduced.  It’s pretty frustrating and I’m trying to look at the bright side.  All the knitting I’ll be free to concetrate on.

What am I listening to?  So glad you asked!  Cobra Starship, Leona Naess, Lavender Diamond, Better Than Ezra, About A Girl, and April Smith.  Oh, and Ferraby Lionheart.  If you’re into folk, I highly recommend Johnny Flynn, he is simply amazing.

toddler boat neck

toddler boat neck